Totgas has been the leader in the Natural Gas market and in the development of the low and medium pressure networks. The companyís achieved goal is to provide services of exclusive distribution of products that are essential for the evolvement of the NG market, as well as logistics services for the products of the sole greek industry of Natural Gasís fittings, . The company is also activating successfully in the distribution and technical support of industrial equipment.
Totgas is located in Thessaloniki, in a 17.000 s.m. building ground with a 3.000 s.m. warehouse facilities. Nowadays, it holds the biggest distribution network with presence in 3 strategic places through out Greece (Thessaloniki, Larisa, Athens).
All the products are accompanied with full Certification and are in compliance with all the domestic and international specifications concerning liquid and gas fuel as well as water.
The companyís stuff (22 people) is consisted of specialized managers in their field, who are available to technically support every client in every given chance. Our stuff is employed in our warehouses in Thessaloniki, Larisa, Athens and in our new plant in Industrial area of Kilkis.
All the services provided by TOTGAS are according to the quality assurance system by ELOT ISO 9001:2000. Totgas has such an internal set-up which has the ability to offer technical support to every constructor that wants to involve in small or big technical solutions. Thus we can tell that Totgas is the only company that can meet the needs of the mass in the NG market.
The trust that the technical and the commercial world shows to Totgas is so high that many of the gas projects †in Greece such as hospitals, clinics, hotels, universities, commercial centers, industries, city networks and many more, are made by using materials produced by Totgas.